Pathwaze Care

Our Mission Statement

‘To guide our young people to independence and self-reliance, equipping them with all the skills and confidence they need to lead healthy, happy and fulfilling lives and be valuable members of our society’

We believe that:

All young people, irrespective of race, religion, gender, culture, sexuality or social disadvantages have the right to develop their personal and educational potential to the full and the responsibility to contribute to society through positive citizenship. Young people are most likely to realise these goals if they are treated with respect and dignity and there is a strong foundation of trust

About us

Our services are provided in accordance with the Children (Leaving Care) Act 2000 and the children acts 1989 and 2004 (and additionally, any relevant government and/or statutory regulations and guidance).

Our work with young people in all of our resources is underpinned by:

  • The UN convention on the Rights of the Child
  • The ‘ Every Child Matters’ agenda:
    1. Being healthy
    2. Enjoying and achieving
    3. Achieve economic well-being
    4. Staying safe
    5. Making a positive contribution
  • The principles of Residential Care

We are building a great reputation for providing specialised care for young people with challenging behaviour and/or emotional needs in semi-independent and 24-hour supervised housing settings.

Our Vision

To provide a range of high quality services to ‘looked after children’ who are leaving care, enabling young people to learn, develop and reach their full potential. To be involved in the design and delivery of services that meet the needs of our young people.

Our Ethos and Values

We firmly believe that every child has the fundamental right to be supported into a successful transition from childhood to adulthood, irrespective of their background or circumstances. This support must be focused and dynamic to respond effectively to our young people’s changing needs

Our four primary values include:

Every young person has a fundamental right to be respected as a unique individual regardless of status, sex, age, religion, race, culture, sexual orientation, language, ability or contribution to society

  • Every young person in fulfilment of that right should have opportunities to live a full life with dignity, self-determination and responsibilities
  • Semi-independent and 24-hour supervised accommodation should be a skilled service delivered by committed staff in safe, appropriately structured and caring environment
  • The Company and staff believe that ‘quality matters’ and plan, deliver and review services to the highest professional standards at all times in order to secure the best possible outcomes for our young people

Aims and objectives

The aim of the service is to:

  • Deliver and maintain an outstanding service that will improve and sustain the overall quality of life and enhance and promote the pathway towards independence for our young people.
  • Provide quality support for our young people with challenging behaviour and emotional needs, empowering them to achieve independence and to become positive members of the community
  • Deliver a service where young people feel safe, secure and valued.
  • Address wider support needs and encourage opportunities for personal development and achievement within the Every Child Matters outcomes framework


In relation to young people:

  • To ensure that the service is delivered within an equality framework and that the diversity of our young people is respected and their right to make informed choices
  • To provide young people with accommodation that is stable and appropriate to their needs whilst encouraging personal choice and creating “a sense of home”
  • To provide a structured, stimulating, caring and safe environment that is free from prejudice and discriminatory behaviour
  • To create an environment which offers young people the opportunity to be listened to and express their wishes, needs and feelings
  • To encourage young people to develop their individual identity and a positive self-image through treating them with dignity and respect and reinforcing positive behaviour
  • To respect young people’s privacy and confidentiality
  • To maintain and support young people in promoting and developing their health, educational and personal development needs
  • To encourage and enable young people to maintain/develop positive relationships with their peers, family/carer networks and the wider community
  • To ensure young people have the skills and knowledge to access support services in the wider community
  • To place young people’s needs at the heart of service design and delivery and to encourage young people’s feedback and involvement in decision-making processes and house activities
  • To ensure that the service is delivered within a VFM framework in accordance with agreed purchasing arrangements
  • To have zero tolerance of any alerts of a safeguarding nature. Progress to be reviewed monthly
  • To recruit staff within a safer recruitment framework ensuring we have a high quality workforce who are skilled to perform the desired tasks
  • To continually assess the performance of our staff and ensure they receive support and guidance in order to maximise job satisfaction.
  • Ensure our workforce is receiving regular training, supervision to develop skills and confidence.
  • To develop strong partnerships working with local authorities and professionals, achieving a reputation for excellence in all aspects of our service provision.
  • To record and evidence the outcomes achieved through our services.
  • To ensure and be able to demonstrate a comprehensive quality assurance monitoring policy throughout the organisation.

In relation to staff:

  • To establish positive and effective working relationships with young people
  • To work in partnership with local authorities, referring agencies and wider multi-disciplinary networks through forming professional and productive working relationships
  • To facilitate/participate in effective integrated working with relevant support agencies underpinned by clear joint-working protocols/agreements
  • To work in partnership with parents/carers and/or other relevant adults
  • To deliver services within an equal opportunities framework and to actively demonstrate anti-discriminatory working practices
  • To participate in relevant network meetings/case conferences and provide comprehensive written/verbal information as requested
  • To adhere to the policies and procedures in place at the organisation

Nature of service

Pathwaze Care provides comprehensive semi-independent and 24-hour supervised living services offering support and accommodation in London to Look After Children and Care Leavers ages between 16 and 25. Our homes are of a high quality and are thoroughly inspected quarterly.
Our homes are located on residential streets and within proximity to transport links, educational centres and other amenities.
We aim to provide our young people with practical life skills in a friendly and homely environment.

Our objectives are:

  1. Promoting independence through tailored support by focusing on each young person’s individual care plan in co-operation with their designated social worker
  2. Encouraging health and well-being through exercise and healthy eating
  3. To build structured plans for every young person which will work on harnessing their passions and attaining their short, medium and long-term goals
  4. Ensuring safety, stability and security for all of our young people
  5. Providing training in several areas around independent skills such as cooking, healthy eating, hygiene, household maintenance, job skills, budgeting, applying and maintaining benefits
  6. Building regular routines by encouraging community events integration and having visiting hours in which young people can have contact with their friends, family and/or other support networks.
  7. Providing safe, secure and private environment which promotes equality

Our services are available 24-hours a day, 7 days a week, including national and public holidays. We provide services during the day, sleep-over services and/or waking nights.

Levels of support

The supported homes service is managed by our multi-disciplined professional support/key workers with combined experience of over 30 years’ working with young people. Our senior staff are also qualified up to NVQ Level 5.
When a young person is placed with us we work with the young person to develop a regular routine which enhances their quality of life.
Examples of the basic tasks and activities we will monitor and support the young people with are:

  • Registering with the GP, dentist, optician
  • Support with shopping and food preparation
  • Support with managing a household and all aspects of daily living
  • Support in managing and attending appointments in the community and with other professionals
  • Support to access education, employment or training
  • Managing incidents
  • Support with accessing information about leisure opportunities available to them in the local area
  • Support with managing any benefits, applications
  • Support with managing their finances and budgeting
  • Support with understanding and accessing opportunities to be able to make a positive contribution
  • Support in learning how to keep themselves safe in the community and their own home

Pathwaze Care is experienced in working with young people who have extremely challenging and risky behaviour. The support plan will reflect the needs of the young person. We offer the following support for our young people:

  • Counselling
  • Life skills workshop
  • Group mentoring session
  • Support to develop retrospective thinking
  • Offending reduction programmes in partnership with YOT and other agencies
  • Support with reducing substance and/or alcohol abuse
  • Relationship building – family and friends
  • Work around post-traumatic stress disorder
  • Support with asylum applications and other legal matters
  • Support for young parents
  • Gang awareness and intervention
  • Support with reducing risky behaviour that could lead to exploitation
  • Support with managing ADHD, including anger management, and temper control disorder

Through well-structured risk assessments, individual care plans, motivation and skilled staff, our aim is to ensure that independence and fulfilment are maximised for the vulnerable young people we work with.

Quality Assurance

We have in place various systems to assist in setting and achieving targets. We monitor and review our performance and act on findings, enabling our organisation to continually improve business quality and performance in the best interest of our young people.
We believe that our young people have the right to demand the highest standards of service from us and we continually monitor the expectations of the local authority through our organisation’s assurance plan.
We regularly review our young people’s individual care plan. This care plan review process involves the young person and relevant professionals. The aim of the review is to ensure that all previously identified needs are being met and any newly identified needs or changes in circumstances are taken into account when revising the care plan.
Our young people are invited to provide consultation to our organisation through our feedback on services formally on a quarterly basis with their support/key worker, and informally during house meetings which take place fortnightly.
Our organisation is developing our quality assurance systems and is working towards achieving relevant accreditations.

We believe our staff are vital to ensure smooth delivery of our service. We have a dedicated HR department that proactively manages employee engagement and measures staff performance.
Our staff are supported and trained to manage their caseload. We ensure this through monthly supervisions and annual appraisals.
Our staff members receive regular training. Examples of training we provide internally and externally are:

  • Safeguarding
  • Lone working
  • De-escalation and managing challenging behaviour
  • Recognising mental health in adolescents
  • Basic food and hygiene
  • Support writing
  • Scenario role play
  • Understanding and working with relevant legislations i.e. Every Child Matters agenda
  • POVA training
  • Child protection
  • First aid awareness / medication awareness
  • Health and safety
  • Critical thinking
  • Conflict resolution
  • Confidence building


All our staff members are recruited within the safer recruitment framework. All staff have a current enhanced DBS check and are required to have a minimum of 5 years of experience. All our senior members of staff have up to a NVQ Level 5.

Policies and Procedures

Pathwaze Care has a robust and comprehensive set of policies and procedures that support best practice and legislative requirements. Our HR department are responsible for reviewing polices annually to ensure consistency and relevance.

Insurance Cover

Our staff members are fully insured through our Employers Liability Insurance cover and full Public Liability Insurance cover which commensurate with the level and extent of the activities undertaken.


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Who We Help

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Care & Support

The support given to tenants depends on their needs. It can include tasks such as:

  • Help to access benefits
  • Access to treatment services
  • Developing budgeting skills
  • Help finding and accessing other services
  • Help to access local activities
  • Support to maintain a tenancy
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