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Muay thai


Known as the art of eight limbs (two elbows, two knees, two fists and two feet) muay thai is a beautiful martial art and a very demanding form of exercise which encourages physical discipline and mental focus. It helps participants develop coordination and balance as it requires dexterity from both sides of the body and also is extremely therapeutic as recent studies have proven combat sports to be a cathartic outlet for stress and anger making it an ideal vent for clients with anger and emotional issues to channel their emotions and frustrations as well as a pragmatic approach to building confidence in more vulnerable clients as well as victims of bullying.

As with any other sport or martial art progress can only be made through dedication and practice as well as serious commitment which are transferrable attribute to other spheres in life.


Cooking Workshops

Cooking has many benefits, it is a practical skill in day to day life which can hugely increase ones quality of living and lifestyle giving people the opportunity to make healthy choices in their diet as opposed to relying on fast food which may seem to be a cheap option to consumers but can incur high financial expense over time as well as detriments to ones health. 

Cooking also requires patience and attention to detail whilst still leaving room for originality and expression as it is an art form as well as a handy life skill. At Pathwaze we offer cooking workshops to all our clients as an essential life skill as well as offer vocational training for clients interested in a career in catering.


Drama/performing arts workshops

Drama like any other form of art is about self expression and is a powerful vehicle for self expression as well as a tool for self discovery and an insight into learning emotional intelligence and the intricacies of human behaviour from tones in speech to body language and self perception as well as how others may perceive you.

At Pathwaze we offer workshops using the methods of Augusto Boal to administer “Spectacting” workshops to our clients using drama/ acting and comedy workshops in order to teach clients problem solving skills as well as public speaking, communication and de-escalation techniques to build confidence in interaction which can be hugely beneficial in self development of clients especially in scenarios like job interviews and even every day interaction with others these workshops are delivered by our resident consultant who is a trained legislative theatre/ drama workshop administrator and professional stand up comedian.


Anti Gun & Knife Crime Workshop

Gun & Knife Crime Workshop

One of the rising issues within the UK is crime affiliated with guns and knives, which raises the importance for the need to create awareness and to educate those who may be exposed to the culture in which it stems from.

In our workshops we address topics such as the consequences of carrying a knife or gun and the cost of youth crime. We run interactive sessions to engage and enlighten those who take part in the sessions on the knock-on effects to family and friends of victims of such crime. Using shock tactics and visualswe highlight how gruesome the act of gun and knife crime can be, to leave a lasting impression as a deterrent from activities related to these crimes.

Role Playing and other drama techniques have become a key tool in channelling and creating empathy on the topic. These sessions allow victims of gun and knife crime and ex-offenders to express themselves and share their experiences on gang culture, the crime cycle and why they commit the crime.

The sessions are designed to tackle the problem from the root and to address the misconceptions within the issue.

Follow up workshops include critical thinking, life coaching and counselling.

At Pathwaze we pride ourselves in the positive influence we have had on victims and ex-offenders in steering them to turn their lives around by rejecting the gang culture. We have been able to deter young people from gun and knife crime and assisted them in their transformation in being rehabilitated to society.

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