Pathwaze is a Non-Profit organisation; working hard to fulfil the basic needs of those classed as vulnerable in society. We work in partnership with our vulnerable people to create a structure for their future and we need your help.

We currently do not receive funding which limits what we can offer our service users.

We want to do more for our local community and the wider community.

All donations are appreciated - Your donations will be used to provide:

  • Basic essentials for service users
  • Emergency travel assistance
  • Emergency Food supplies
  • External Training/Workshops
  • Specialised Counselling
  • Furniture and welcome packs
  • Move-on to properties once service users are ready for independent living
  • Winter packs for our local homeless

Single Donation

Other amount

Who We Help

Are you 18 and above
and in need of housing with medium-high support?
More info

Care & Support

The support given to tenants depends on their needs. It can include tasks such as:

  • Help to access benefits
  • Access to treatment services
  • Developing budgeting skills
  • Help finding and accessing other services
  • Help to access local activities
  • Support to maintain a tenancy
  • More info
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