About us

about us

Pathwaze supported living accommodation is primarily targeted at adults at risk between the ages of 18-45 years old.

Our clients make their own choices and lead their lives in the way they want to, whenever possible. All have a license agreement.

Living in a supported housing property, allows people to live in accommodation which is their own, where they feel safe in the knowledge that care or support is close at hand whenever they need help.

The level of assistance is agreed from the outset with each individual. Each clients level of support will vary dependent of need.

All of our current supported living properties are based in the North West London Borough of Brent and the South London Borough of Croydon.



Every effort is made to create a warm and homely environment in all our accommodation. We strongly believe that supported housing, need not look and feel institutional.

All tenants are encouraged to personalise their rooms by gradually buying items which they will take if and when they move on.



All staff have undergone training to meet the varying demands or our client group. They are trained to deal with individuals with challenging behaviour and complex needs. Other training include substance abuse training, counseling as well as mental health training. Throughout the year, staff attend a wide range of training and personal development courses to equip them to work effectively and professionally with our customers.

All of our accommodation is semi-independent and are visited by outreach staff between the hours of 8am-9pm seven days a week.


Out of Hours Service

Tenants in all of our properties can contact a member staff for assistance during the night.

On-call staff are available to respond to emergencies 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.



Our Aims

we solve problems 

  • To provide quality housing with exceptional support services
  • To enable our clients to maintain independent living and to increase self-esteem through empowering individual’s to seek training or employment which would result in community inclusion.
  • To tackle discrimination and ensure equality of opportunity is achieved in all aspects of our work, providing support, guidance and education to our clients and other agencies
  • Providing the highest possible housing standards so that our service users have homes that offer them secure, safe and comfortable environments
  • Managing our resources in a cost effective way whilst maximising the quality and standard of our services, achieving measurable success in enabling people to make the changes that are required to achieve stable lives
  • Working with a range of stakeholders, including service users and other agencies to ensure that we continually evaluate, reflect and improve our services
  • Representing the needs, rights, aspirations and experiences of service users who require supported housing and promote the ways in which these can be met, including influencing policy at local and national levels.


  1. - To empower individual’s to improve general lifestyle and wellbeing.
  2. - To provide step by step support to enable and develop new skills through dynamic person centred approach.
  3. - To value and respect the individual and enable and preparing them to live independently through various live skills courses
  4. - Breaking down barriers to enable the individual to effectively participate and live within the community without support.

Who We Help

Are you 18 and above
and in need of housing with medium-high support?
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Care & Support

The support given to tenants depends on their needs. It can include tasks such as:

  • Help to access benefits
  • Access to treatment services
  • Developing budgeting skills
  • Help finding and accessing other services
  • Help to access local activities
  • Support to maintain a tenancy
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